About Us

I started this publication to help travel bloggers find a home for their wildcard content. As a travel writer myself, I know that oftentimes we have a lot of value to share with other travelers, but that it doesn't always fit the niche of our own sites. My goal with TravelHack.me is to offer an outlet for that content which would otherwise become dust in wind. For readers, this creates a unique and rewarding reading experience by allowing them to discover a diverse variety of travel content from travel writers around the world.

We are an SEO first blog, which means that our focus is on reaching new readers through search engines like Google and Bing. All of our posts are AMP enabled, formatted, and optimized to satisfy the strict requirements of Google, which typically satisfies all other secondary search engines too.

An SEO first blog means that we do not have social media profiles, however, our posts are social friendly — meaning they are formatted with preview titles, descriptions, and featured images so that they are ready to be shared by readers after being discovered through search.

If you'd like to submit a post, visit our Write For Us page. If you'd like to subscribe to new posts, you can do so via RSS Feed using your favorite subscription app.

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